April 27-29, 2018

​​2018 Pow Wow video Promo

Watch the video now and plan to attend Pow Wow April 27-29, 2018

If paid by April 4, 2018,

Cost of the camp is just $78 ($70 Payable to NTXRR) and $8 cash to Outpost prior to or day of the camp.

If paid after April 4, 2018

Cost of the camp is $85.00 (Payable to NTXRR) and $10 cash to Outpost prior to or day of the camp 

2018 Brush Poppin' Trace

and Adventure
March 16-18

This year, on March 16-18, 2018, the Shawnee Trail Chapter of the Frontiersmen Camping Fellowship will be celebrating 50 years! So, we thought that we would do something a little different at the Brush Poppin’ Trace this year. Just so ya know there will only be competitions for black powder shooting, knife throwing and tomahawk throwing. But we may throw in a little fire-starting competition as well. So, come prepared for that! Our main focus this year will be learning a new trade, getting pointers for one ya already know, or showing someone else how ya do that special thing that you do. In the evening, around the council fire, there will be tall tales and old stories told about the early days of the chapter and how things were done back then. There’s gonna be some music and a devotional time too. And don’t forget to bring REALLY GOOD STUFF for the young buck blanket on Saturday night!!

Royal Ranger Events 2018

[RK-K-2nd Grade; DR-3rd-5th Grade, AR-6th-8th grade;                                                      ER-9th-12th; PT-Pree Teen; T-Teen; A-Adult; L-Royal Ranger Leader]

Mar 16-18:  FCF Brush Poppins (AR, ER, & L)

April 14: Pine Car Derby at Chuck Fairbanks Chevrolet, DeSoto, TX. (RK, DR, AR, ER, Girls-All ages K-12th)

April 27-29: N. TX Pow-Wow, Lakeview Royal Rangers Campgrounds, Maypearl, TX (DR, AR, ER, L, RK (w/male guardian), Dads)

April 19: FCF May Fete (AR, ER, & L)

June 21-24: N. TX. Junior Leadership Development Academy; Lakeview Royal Rangers Campgrounds,     Maypearl, TX   


  • Ranger Training Camp(RTC) RTC prepares boys to serve as junior leaders in a boy-led, adult-facilitated outpost (4th-5th Grade)
  • Academy Merits Camp(AMC) AMC is designed to help boys earn merits on their way to earning their Gold Eagle or Adventure Gold Medal. Each boy can choose one of two tracks of merit classes offered with the goal of completing each merit in their chosen track. The tracks with the merits will be posted on the boy’s applications. (3rd—5th Grade)

June 20-24Oklahoma Junior Leadership Training Camp in Chandler, OK  [AR -( Including new 6th* graders who’ve obtained Outpost Coor. permission to attend), AR, L and Dads]                                                                

  • Junior Training Camp(JTC) JTC Training emphasizes team-building skills, and gives boys the opportunity to demonstrate what they have learned. (6th*, 7th & Up) 
  • Advanced Junior Training Camp (AJTC) Teens are taught skills that build upon what they learned at JTC. Emphasis is on advanced camping and leadership skills. The camp has a similar format to JTC, with the added responsibility of assisting with the JTC training.                                  Backpacking Adventure Camp (BAC) is open to all Royal Rangers who have completed JTC & AJTC. Teens will spend much of their time on the trail learning and developing backpacking skills.                                   
  • Survival Action Camp (SAC) is open to all Royal Rangers who have completed JTC & AJTC. SAC is designed to give boys training and experience in survival camping. Upon completion the junior leader will have completed all requirements for the silver Wilderness Survival Merit. 
  • Elite-Junior Leadership Camp (Elite-JLC) is open to all Royal Rangers who have completed JTC, AJTC , & two other elective JLTA camps. The junior leaders that attend this camp will serve as Sr. Guides / Admin Assist. in the other JLTA camps. At the completion of Elite JLC, the graduates of Elite JLC will be presented an Academy Saber with their name and favorite scripture verse engraved on the blade. 
  • Junior Academy is open to all Royal Rangers who have completed Elite-JLC and are returning to earn their Junior Academy graduate recognition. Those attending this camp will serve as an Assistant Trainer of Elite-JLC and will instruct JLTA classes under the supervision of the JLTA Deputy Commander. Junior Academy trains men and boys how to operate a Junior Leadership Training Academy. Upon graduation trainees will be eligible to serve on the staff of any other Junior Training Camp.                                                                                      

            Cost Of Each JLTA Camp is $120.00

Oct. 12-14:  FCF Family Days  (AR, ER, & L)

Sep. 22: Ranger Kids Day Camp - Lakeview Royal Rangers Campgrounds, Maypearl, TX (RK, Moms, Dads, L)

Nov. 3: Winter Camp Work Day, Lakeview Royal Rangers Campgrounds (AR, ER, & L)

Nov 16-18: N. Texas District Winter Camp, Lakeview Royal Rangers Campgrounds, Maypearl, TX (DR, AR, ER, L, RK (w/male guardian), Dads)

Dec. 27-29: Junior Leadership Development Camp (JLDA), Royal Rangers Campgrounds (DR, AR, ER)

N. Texas District's          Junior Leadership Development Camps (JLDA)

There are eight different camps being planned for the boys this summer and will be offered June 21-24, 2018; with one camp being off site.

Please download the handout and start promoting this to your boys so they can start planning what camps they will be attending.

Oklahoma JLTA

June 20-24, 2018, Camp AdventureChandler, OK.